American Justice Dot Org is a venture of American Justice Dot Com located in Missouri City, Texas. Owned by Terry Pelz, a former Texas prison warden and now a criminal justice consultant and college instructor, American Justice Dot Org debuted in 2011. American Justice Dot Org is a continually evolving content web site focusing on justice and social issues in the United States. Mr. Pelz is a nationally recognized authority on prison gangs, having published and testified in state and federal court on the subject. He was the first webmaster and web site developer for the National Major Gang Task Force, an organization he helped establish. Mr. Pelz is co-author of "Introduction to Criminal Justice: Texas Edition," published by Wadsworth Publishing Company. Another production venture, that has since being taken over by its owner, is the renowned web site, Gangs Or Us. Mr. Pelz received his Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati.

The mission of American Justice Dot Org is to educate and empower readers regarding issues in American justice and society.